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Because we do not ‘mass-market’ our systems, we are able to provide systems which are customized and unique to any residence or business in which they are installed.  Since no two residences or businesses are exactly alike, we do not provide ‘universal systems’.  Instead, we provide equipment and an installation that appropriately suits your needs and desires. You do not buy any more, or any less than you need or want.


Does a ‘custom’ installation cost more?

  • In most cases, it gives you ‘more system’ for the money you spend. It is a much greater value since it’s tailored to your needsgesystem
  • We utilize very high quality, U.L. Listed alarm equipment. We also utilize components (such as backup batteries, motion detectors, and even wire) that is above normal standards. We don’t sacrifice quality to lower our costs.
  • Our systems are installed in such a way that the chances of False Alarms is greatly reduced, and, hopefully, eliminated.
  • The equipment we install is VERY User Friendly. You are not required to learn difficult commands or operating procedures to operate your system.
  • All of our systems are monitored by our Central Monitoring Station. This not only ensures that you will receive response to an alarm condition, but it also ensures that your system will be maintained in top condition at all times. If any troubles or problems exist with your system, those troubles will be instantly transmitted to our Central Station. Then, if service is required, you will receive it promptly and efficiently.
  • central station-crpUnlike installations that are provided by many of the larger Alarm Companies, we strive to maintain an extremely high level of quality and neatness in our installations.
  • We don’t lead our customers to believe that any devices we sell and install will provide miracles, or guarantee that nothing unfortunate will ever occur. We honestly want our customers to know that a properly installed and monitored Alarm System is extremely effective at deterring and detecting an intrusion or other unfortunate circumstance.
  • We stand behind our installations! Should any part of your system ever need service, it is our intent to provide you with the most prompt service available.
  • We care about how our installations ‘look’ to you. We want it to look nice, and to be acceptable for you. Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal!

Due to requests from so many areas, we only install systems in the Denver Metro area.  If you would like to know if we can install a system for you, please call us at 303-922-7191.