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Central Station

Our systems are monitored by our Central Monitoring Station. Monitoring of your system not only provides you with response to any ‘alarm condition’ but it also ensures that your system will receive attention if it is in need of service. We are also capable of monitoring many other conditions besides ‘alarm’ conditions.

Our Central Station also has 3 “backup” location in other states.  If a terrible disaster occurred here in Denver, we could still monitor your alarm. Very few, other alarm companies actually have backup Central Stations due to the cost and logistics.

Our response time (the time it takes us to respond to an alarm) is amongst the fastest in the industry. Unlike many of the ‘national alarm companies’ who often take ‘minutes’ to respond to an alarm, it is our goal to respond in ‘seconds’ to your alarm. Our average response time is around 30-45 seconds depending on the current emergency load.

Our Central Monitoring Station strives to provide our customers with a high level of quality, personalized service and we monitor their performance constantly.  We’re always striving to make our products and response better and faster.

We take extra steps to maintain the confidentiality of any information that our customers give to us for the purpose of monitoring their systems. For your protection, we ‘verify’ the authenticity of every caller we speak with.

Through our Central Monitoring Station, we offer our customers access to our Extremely High Security Radio Reporting System. With this system, you need not worry about having your phone lines cut or disabled. While a number of alarm companies offer ‘radio alarm reporting,’ our system offers a level of integrity and reliability which rivals any other ‘radio alarm-reporting system. Click on the blue words above to find out more about our radio system.

Our Central Station computer systems are state-of-the-art and enable us to provide our customers with services and information that is not possible from many other Central Stations.