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Radio Systems

Colorado Security Alarm has many options to provide you the ability to “cut the cord” like many folks in today’s society. We’d love to help you do that. There are many options that can be selected from and Colorado Security Alarm will choose the method that meets your needs.



Cellular Technologies – We have options for multiple cellular carriers, retrofit options for existing systems. These are “bundled” with your alarm monitoring and does not require you to have another cellular telephone account. Verizon and AT&T are the most popular carriers for these devices and can easily provide different interactive services.



AES Intellinet Proprietary Technology – With AES, you can transmit ultra-secure alarm signals in areas that Cellular does not work. We will choose the most cost effective solution for you when we come survey your alarm needs.  These do not allow for interactive type services, but are the most secure and reliable system available.  This does not suffer from technology sunset clauses like most of the cellular carriers require as technologies get replaced.