Company Info

Colorado Security Alarm is Colorado owned and has been in business since 1980.  Since our beginning, our priorities have always been focused around our customers, and providing our customers with a level of service that rivals any other alarm company, big or small!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Sales people are going around the area indicating that “Colorado Security Alarm was sold six months ago, we’d like to sell you a new alarm!”   This is a blatant lie and we’re here, as usual watching out for your safety!

Every system we install is monitored by our full-service Central Monitoring Station.

  • We have never engaged in ‘mass-marketing’ sales techniques. In fact, nearly all of our new business comes from referrals from our existing customers. We do no advertising. Since all of our new business comes from existing customers, we do all we can to insure that our existing customers are completely satisfied.
  • Unlike most alarm companies, we never require our customers to sign long-term, automatically renewing contracts. While we want to retain our customers for a very long time, we simply do so by providing a high level of service and satisfaction, rather than by making our customers sign a contract which requires them to do business with only one company for a specified period of time. (Beware of such contracts!)
  • We strive to provide a ‘personal touch’ to our customers. For us, a customer is a name and not an account number. Unlike large national alarm companies, we take a personal interest in you and your needs.
  • We provide a high level of service, if and when it is needed. While it is our goal to make every system as trouble-free as possible, call us and we will take immediate action to correct any problems or concerns when they arise.
  • We do not sell all of the “whistles and bells” items in order to justify your purchase of a security system. In fact, we discourage the installation and use of many items, which many companies advertise as “neat stuff,” and just develop a false sense of security and cause false alarms!
  • Colorado Security Alarm has always been a leader in the prevention of false alarms.  In addition to the installation of high-quality systems, which are virtually trouble-free, we have innovated many ideas and techniques, which have proven to be useful tools in the prevention of false alarms. False alarms are one of the largest problems that the alarm industry faces today. It is our goal to make your system completely free of false alarms.
  • We do not use deceptive selling techniques such as the offer of ‘free systems.’ Unfortunately, the things that people receive for free, or at very low cost, are the things that actually cost the most in the long run. Our goal is to provide our systems and services at competitive and fair pricing. In the long run, our customers generally pay much less, and receive more.
  • Please don’t confuse Colorado Security Alarm with any other company whose name also starts with ‘Colorado Security.’ Unfortunately, several such companies exist, but do not have the most desirable reputations. We are not affiliated with any other company. You may contact us by calling: 303-922-7191